Activate Social
                 Media Engagement

    Make your Leaders 

                 the STARS

    Make WOW impact 

                      with your Message

  Generate Instant 


    Create an 

           Unforgettable Experience

SEE how YOUR own customized version might look with THESE Proven Examples!:
The National Speakers Association Annual Conference

Unstoppable Foundation's Gala Event

Presenting the hottest new trend, one of a kind, in the events industry: “Everybody Tweet”

Like a Viral Video featuring YOUR people as the stars and YOUR targeted messaging to WOW your event.

Lynn Rose’s “Everybody Tweet” viral video makes your event, your company and leaders the star, through your own customized version with the catchy contagious chorus everyone can’t stop replaying in their minds.

In under 3 minutes, get your audience engaged in a unique way that turns a normal event into an unforgettable, WOW experience!

Through the amazing mix of your leaders, members, and/or presenters, featured in cameos, along with customized messaging, you strategically ignite a fever of Social Media engagement, instantly create excitement and create a positive bond to the company and event, all with an interactive spirit.

It’s the kind of “WOW” you need NOW.

Ignite and Excite

Everybody Tweet, customized “enter-trainment”, grabs your attendees’ emotions, creating excitement, along with buy-in to your specific messages you’re wanting to imbed.

They’re having so much fun they don’t even realize how they’re instantly bonding with your company and those you feature in the video (or even how your message is making immediate, lasting impact).

And, BONUS, they are motivated to spread the word on Social Media while CRYSTAL CLEAR on your Social Media hashtags and ideas you want them to share.

Everybody Tweet is perfect for: 

  • Direct Sales Events To Celebrate Your Leaders And Company
  • Leadership Summits
  • Sales conferences
  • Companies or Associations who want to create a bond between their attendees and their organization
  • Incentive Trips
  • Events where you’re wanting the audience to spread the word about your company or event in Social Media

Trust a proven WOW-maker

For over a decade, Lynn Rose brings energizing entertainment, high-impact emceeing and paradigm-shifting speaking and training to hundreds of thousands around the world, from small groups to up to tens of thousands at a time. Lynn Rose’s clients include Fortune 500 corporations, organizations, major associations, direct sales companies, financial professionals and entrepreneurial events.

Lynn Rose knows how to message, entertain and WOW

Want to have your company leap into even greater success in the most fun, out of the box, interactive, entertaining way? You’ve seen Lynn Rose on CBS, and other top TV networks, on film, Broadway and more, and corporate and concert event stages across the world. CEO of two 6 figure businesses, Lynn Rose, has

been the secret sauce for many industry leaders, having helped launch 6 and 7 figure careers with her media and marketing expertise. She’s also been the go-to gal to get a company to play their biggest game ever through her motivating call-to-action message, interwoven with music for taking the message deeper, providing real world results while creating a powerful, entertaining, motivating experience for your company’s event. Whether its been sharing the stage with Sheryl Crow, Mariah Carey or Jay Leno or leading her WOW breakthrough performance trainings for billion dollar CEO's, entrepreneurs and professionals, Lynn's #1 commitment is leaving your organization’s event’s attendees on fire, inspired and taking action.

Strategic Customization Unique Enter-trainment WOW Impact

Our expert Hollywood team takes care of it ALL

Everybody Tweet, produced by Grammy-winning producers and award-winning filmmakers in Hollywood, is customized for YOU

to star YOUR people and YOUR message, all project managed and handled by our expert team. Once you say “Yes”, we handle the rest!

Your organization REALLY needs your own WOW Viral Video when...

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