How would you like access to the hottest, newest trend in the event business? Create an unforgettable experience for your attendees and solve 5 different event needs ALL AT ONCE to WOW your audience!
In A Simple FUN, Hip, Entertaining Way,  Within Less Than 3 Minutes, Your Organization Can:

  Celebrate your leaders (even different departments, or your members if you’re an Association).

  Make an off the charts impact with your specific company's or event's message.

  Ignite a fever of Social Media Engagement

 Feature your upcoming presenters

  Stir up excitement for your event and organization!

Think beyond your event!

You can use your customized video for your organization for viral excited promotion leading up to the event (and use at the event itself)

You can also use your video to anchor in and continue on with the fun, learning and excitement long after the event is over (featuring in the cameos attendees you've shot  while at the event)! 

Read on to learn more...
Welcome to "Everybody Tweet" the 'OMG! I can't get this song out of my head video/song, customized and tailored for YOUR organization's events needs - serving a MULTITUDE of purposes in one.
Go here to see an example used here created for the National Speaker’s Association’s Annual Conference that featured their own specific messaging with their leaders and speakers: 

Once you actually EXPERIENCE this video, the lightbulbs at what's possible for YOUR company or event will go off!

“Everybody Tweet” is the HOT new viral song, customized for YOU, that connects your audience to your organization and event! 

In a simple, fun, hip way, in just minutes, you can connect your audience to:

  • Your Message
  • Your Leaders
  • Your Organization
  • Your Upcoming Presenters and
  • The Excitement of Engaging in Social Media to get the word out about your event or leading up to and after the event

By incorporating your own customized version of "Everybody Tweet" into your event:

  • You create an exciting, unforgettable experience that makes your event memorable
  • You help your attendees internalize your message
  • You create a celebration of your leaders or selected departments or members
  • You have the video as your pied piper to getting your people tweeting and engaged in Social Media and talking about your event
  • You'll energize the audience getting them laughing and cheering and clapping along.and, best of all, you’ll have created a participatory environment of FUN and excitement that's off the charts.
  • You'll LOVE hearing the audience cheering with delight, laughing out loud, clapping andenjoying every moment that gets to feature your leaders or workers from different departments. This gives your company the WOW Factor (and the 'hip' factor).
Your Attendees will be talking about and continuing to share about YOUR Event Long After Its Over." 

“Everybody Tweet” is the unique, revolutionary and exclusive solution for your company,  association or organization's events" 

In a simple, fun, hip way, in just minutes, you can connect your audience to:

  • A Creative and Exciting Way To Ignite Social Media Engagement
  • Makes Your Company The STAR You want the attendees to LOVE your company or organization and to feel excited to be part of what you are. Here is a UNIQUE and rarely seen before way to create a bond between your company and the attendees, while stirring upexcitement at the event itself.
  • Creates Company Harmony and Bonding
  • The ‘cool’ and ‘hip’ factor for your company on steroids
  • Unique and Exciting Attendee Interaction
  • Customized Entertainment & Messaging that serves multiple purposes while creating an off-the-charts experience
  • Acknowledging and celebrating the company’s own in a creative, innovative and FUN way
  • Creating interactive, audience involvement so they’re not just watching you, they’re part of it
  • The Fun, Hip way to ENERGIZE your Event
  • Creating an unforgettable experience that leaves the attendees talking about and continuing to share about the event beyond the event itself.

NOTE: If using the multi-purpose approach - You can utilize "Everybody Tweet" in a way that creates Anticipation for the morning, by showing different versions each morning - i.e., featuring different departments from your organization each morning or upcoming speakers for that day, etc, perhaps even integrating footage of attendees shot the previous day, ensuring getting the attendees there in the AM (because they won’t want to miss the next version you’re going to feature that morning). This way you get them excited and engaged from the very beginning of each day.


Everybody Tweet is a high-energy, engaging, catchy song and video that demonstrates engaging in Social Media in a playful, encouraging way.

Spread throughout, selected members or leaders of your organization, or your speakers for the event, are featured in cameos moving to the song (easily gathered through their own selfies, just seconds long, that they shoot on their phone or webcam, or can be created through the help of our team, connecting with them online, taking only a few minutes of their time to accomplish - and personally project managed by our team so your company’s leaders and event producers have zero burden)

Everybody Tweet also features highlighted tweets with the message you want to spread to encourage attendees in the audience to engage in Social Media and spread the word.This is especially helpful for promo leading up to the event - and for encouraging Social Media messages to be shared during the event - and long after.

Get your attendees to be your messengers and engage in Social Media
Having a Multi-Day Event? You have an instant solution for getting your attendees there  in the morning and keeping the excitement, engagement and Social Media sharing going! 

If you have an event that’s two, three or more days in a row, you may also wish to have several versions created so that each day you’re featuring different people (and start creating even more of a buzz and  encourage attendees to be in their seats first thing in the morning so they don’t miss it).

For example, the first day of a three day event you may wish to feature the leaders in your organization, including perhaps showcasing a custom tweet from VP of Sales, ie, “Love you guys #Keep Rockin”   

Then on Day Two, feature a certain department (HR or warehouse or admin) and change up the message to suit celebrating that department (or departments) - while keeping your overall event’s or company’s main hashtag for Social Sharing.   

Then on Day Three, feature the attendees - as your organization can opt to be gathering footage throughout the previous days and then insert it into this version for the 3rd Day - all the while, still featuring the messaging you’re wanting to get out there and integrating them all within what you want to showcase about your company or event.

NOTE: You can make this all the more interactive by having a designated area where attendees can go and have them film their selfies and send into a designated link and/or gather the ancillary footage shot of the attendees and incorporate into the Everybody Tweet video for the grande finale - or for use to send to them for follow up.

Build BUZZ for an upcoming event and raise attendance!

Customize and use in-house (internally) to build BUZZ for your upcoming event/s!

Your employees/members are your best marketing tool in getting the word out! Use to promote your upcoming event/s and your company/organization, getting them excited to share on their social media and among each other.

One of your hugest resources are the employees or members of your organization. During lunch breaks or on their own time, they are tweeting and facebooking and promoting products and services and recommending all kinds of offerings.

With your employees as your best marketing tools you can be spreading the word in the most organic, grass roots basis about YOUR company and YOUR upcoming event to increase attendance, with EVERYBODY TWEET as your viral video secret sauce.

Ten of the most popular ways that organizations have used Everybody Tweet
  • Use as an unexpected surprise at some key point in your event that features various members of your organization in this fun, hip way, getting the audience cheering, laughing and excited for what’s next
  • Use as a way to kick off the morning with excitement for the event and the company
  • Use as a Viral way to promote leading up to the event 
  • Use as a way to kick off the Awards so its fun, hip, exciting while featuring what’s coming up in the awards show. 
  • Multi-Day - have different versions for each day so it creates a buzz and excitement that they MUST be in their seats in the morning so they don’t miss what new version happens each morning 
  • Leaders - feature the leaders in a way that bonds them all the more to the attendees and members and makes them the hero and the star (creates that ‘HIP’ factor!) 
  • Upcoming Presenters - create excitement for who’s coming onto the docket for the day in a fun, interactive way - while encouraging Social Media engagement about the event 
  • Celebrate the unsung heroes - use as a way to feature various aspects of your organization from mail-room on up to VP - all celebrating together within this video and with specialized messaging to anchor in that ‘good feeling’ association to your company. 
  • Can then edit a FOLLOW-UP version that features the attendees as they were leaving, thumbs up, dancing and feature them in Everybody Tweet with tweets that shout out about how great the event was and encouraging them to tweet and FB out about the event, so the event’s excitement continues beyond the event and helps get viral engagement 
  • Use for internal purposes, celebrating employees who’ve done a good job and once a month having a different version each time - gets employees motivated to be featured -and also to check out the video, keeping them engaged in the company’s activities - while also continuing to encourage them to share out about the company through their own social media
Our team project manages EVERYTHING for you in creating your 
Customized Video

We get your specific messaging, and will even work with you to come up with the best messaging you want to feature to accomplish your objectives.

You let us know who you want featured and we do the rest. This way, you or your team don't need to invest any extra time, other than giving us your final approval.

We provide a short VIDEO and brief email instructions that takes people through how they can shoot themselves on video and where/how to send it in - quick and easy.

Our project manager can also meet one on one with them via Skype or Zoom and video record them that way. Takes 30 seconds of their time, that's it! Then we produce it for you and VOILA! You are ready to WOW your attendees and your event!

Number of people featured? 

You can choose to highlight just a select few, or, up to 25 cameos (yes, 25! - as these cameos fly by). Even more cameo spots can be accommodated if wished as well.

How to contract? 
  1. Contact Lynn Rose:
  2. Alert as to who made the introduction
  3. Meet over the phone or Skype on how to best leverage for your organization's needs
  4. Sign Agreement
  5. 50% down upon contracting
  6. 50% due upon delivery of finished video
  7. Our team implements any and all tweaks or changes desired for your video so you're ready to WOW!

Tech support? 

We are here for you and handle everything FOR you.

First we assign you your own personal project manager who talks your point person through all your best possibilities and helps craft the best use of Everybody Tweet for your company, including what messaging you’d like to feature, what cameos, etc. 

Then, your Project Manager, will be your curator of the various cameos (most shot as selfies, sent in by your featured chosen cameos), and, with those who wish or need, connect with them via the online technology “Zoom” or Skype and film them that way (takes only a few minutes to connect, talk through and capture a few seconds). 

Your PM will help guide them through moves they can make, or a funny face or other ways they can be showcased within their cameo (see list of possible moves). 

Once the footage is gathered by your PM, he/she will then send off to the editor to create your custom version, et VOILA! You’re ready to bring the WOW to your event and organization.

IDEAS/OPTIONS for implementation for your various events:

  • Create a version of your upcoming speakers and celebrating the leaders or workers or members in your organization and send out ahead of time to use as a viral tool for spreading the word about your event
  • Once at the event, have your attendees do the Everybody Tweet move at a certain booth - or inform them ahead of time to send in their selfie of doing the move and then have it edited into the video for the next morning.
  • You may also simply send in their photo and we animate the mouth moving in the photo (using Yakit - see these examples: and FYI, sound isn’t important as the mouth would move in sync with the song but this shows how we animate the mouth This is especially great if utilizing commemorated members from long ago (old pictures, etc - even baby pictures) or if you have a mascot of some kind, or a statue or painting that’s associated with the company, we can animate it to move its mouth in time to the music.
  • You may wish for your messaging to be an overall, broadstroke message you’re doing for the conference - or you can also feature a custom tweet from one of your leaders, for instance, your VP of Sales gets featured in a tweet message that says, “Love you guys #Keep Rockin”, etc If you want solid, valid content with entertainment aspect - so your audience isn’t just watching you - they’re rockin out and interactive with audience participation, Everybody Tweet is your ticket.


  •  $10,000 - Book the rights for one customized version, unlimited cameos and use for 1 year, use in up to 3 events in that year Also includes 50% off Lynn’s FEE to Emcee/Sing & Energize and/or her "The Power To WOW" Performance Keynote for your event as an All-In-One package, combining Everybody Tweet video and Lynn Rose’s All In One Added Value LIVE < go to: to see her offerings
  •   $15,000 - Book the rights for three different customized versions (i.e., one featuring your leaders, another featuring different departments and another featuring attendees - however you choose). Use for promotion and license gives your organization use in up to 10 events that year Also includes 50% off Lynn’s FEE to Emcee/Sing & Energize and/or her "The Power To WOW" Performance Keynote for one of your events as an All-In-One package, combining Everybody Tweet video and Lynn Rose’s All In One Added Value LIVE < go to: to see her offerings >
  •   $22,500 - all of the above, (along with use in up to 20 different events throughout the year) AND have Lynn booked LIVE to WOW your event. Choose to have Lynn kick off your conference getting them On FIRE, INSPIRED and READY to take ACITON through her Emceeing/Singing & Energizing and her "The Power To WOW" Performance Keynote for one of your events as an All-In-One package, combining Everybody Tweet video and Lynn Rose’s All In One Added Value LIVE < go to: to see her offerings >


Kick off your event in the ultimate customized, unique, engaging way - while creating a fever of Social Media interaction.



Excitement creating

The ‘HIP’ factor

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