This Program is Masterfully Designed so that in 90 Days You:
  • Get The Speaking Power to WOW Your Presentations (or whenever you speak), no matter what and the Power to WOW Your Videos
  • Attract your target Clients and the Bookings you want
  •  Get cutting-edge strategies for growing your list and getting positioned as the leading expert in your industry

  • Finally have Crystal Clarity on your Brand and your Messaging
  • Know how to use the latest tech to look like a superstar and Stand Out Among the Noise
  •  Know your compelling elevator pitch that grabs their attention
  •  Have a WOW Mindset that creates ongoing heart-centered, accelerated success
  •  And so much MORE...
All Sessions are Delivered Online *LIVE* with Lynn Rose … 
Fully Interactive with YOU!
(Replays will be available)
Paradigm-shifting. Powerful. Performance Driven.
For over a decade, Lynn Rose, Media Entrepreneur, International Keynoter and Electrifying Entertainer, has brought WOW Peak Performance to hundreds of thousands around the world through her High-Impact Emceeing, Energizing Entertaining and Global Keynote, “The Power To WOW.”  

You’ve seen Lynn on CBS, NBC, Fox and other top TV networks, on film, Broadway and more. Whether sharing the stage with Sheryl Crow, Mariah Carey or Jay Leno — or leading her WOW Peak Performance Trainings for billion dollar CEOs, entrepreneurs and professionals, Lynn’s #1 commitment is leaving you and/or your organization’s attendees on fire, inspired and taking action. 

As CEO of two 6-figure businesses, having helped launch 6- and 7-figure careers with her media and marketing expertise, Lynn Rose is proven to help you WOW your business and your life.
What would it be worth to you to know that in 90 Days you have the opportunity to TRANSFORM:

The Power Of Your Speaking Ability, Content,
Messaging and Positioning

so that you close more deals, rock your important
presentations, create stellar videos, build your following, and have a far more impactful and effective connection and
compelling call to action with potential clients?

If you’re feeling the call, its time to answer.

No more spinning your wheels, or mulling it over or ‘waiting for clarity’
(oh, I’ve heard that one way too many times!  Its about clicking into your clarity once and for all!) How about no more wondering or trying on all sorts of possibilities 
but not getting any traction?...

The Time To WOW is NOW!

You are invited to take on the next 90 Days with me,
Lynn Rose and my WOW Effect Speaking and Launching Process 
that is proven to create miraculous results and growth 
in your business (and your life).

You’ll be approaching each day with:

  • Ongoing support for MASTERY of your speaking (on stage or on camera)
  • Ongoing support and accountability for every step of what you need to launch and grow your business. Super accelerator for your business.
  • Creating or upleveling your speaking or expert positioning materials
  • Helping you create or further craft your SIGNATURE PROCESS or PROGRAM
  • Getting CLARITY on your MESSAGING (knowing how to say what it is you do or the benefit you bring or what makes YOU a stand out)
  • Getting guidance for STRATEGIES that are right for YOU with where you want to go! (getting clear on each next step right for YOU)
  • Expert advice and content around the best VIDEOS to make for your marketing (and how) so that you are a STANDOUT
  • Feedback on your SITE and other materials and what’s best to look for
  • Your WOW Action Plan for the outrageous goals you’ll have set for yourself that we’ll be holding with you
  • Mapping out the best Videos and Media for magnetizing clients and bookings
  • A safe place to integrate and implement what you're learning and get instant feedback, while having accountability for implementing
  • The full cheering on, accountability and unconditional support of the WOW Mastermind
No more spinning your wheels, or mulling it over or ‘waiting for clarity’ (oh, I’ve
heard that one way too many times - Its about clicking into your clarity once and for all!) No more wondering or trying on all sorts of possibilities but not getting any traction...

You’ll also be given little known powerhouse RESOURCES, TOOLS and TIPS that have you make quantum leaps in magnetizing followings and managing your business.
These secrets alone are worth the price of admission.
For a limited time:
You’ll also get a One on One SUCCESS Accelerator Session with Me
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next 90 Days together!

Together we’ve got this! 100% SUPPORT!
After these 90 Days you will:
  • Embody your Speaking POWER to WOW
  • Master Your own POWER TO WOW MINDSET
  • Create your SPEAKING and BUSINESS VISION, with a
    guided full body commitment to it so you can achieve it once and
    for all!
  • Stand in your POWER and be unstoppable in your conviction
    and connection thru “The WOW Effect” Process
  • Craft your ideal MESSAGE so you can Pitch your business
    ideas and Brand & Masterfully INFLUENCE
  • Nail down your Signature Process, Program or Talk in 90 Days
    or less (and get the right monetization strategy for it, too!)
  • Have a customized Action Plan and a strategy to support you in
    your speaking and getting positioned as an expert goals
  • Be given little known powerhouse tools and resources that
    change the game for you, making marketing so much easier and fun, while growing so much faster
  • LIVE Hot Seat Coaching every week (and 24/7 via the private
    Facebook Group)
  • Have the time of your life in this divinely called together group
  • Be transformed not only in your speaking power, approach and
    materials but also expanded all the more into who you really are and are meant to be in your life
Getting even just ONE more booking or ONE more client will pay for itself and more

Imagine how you will have grown, the connections you will have made and the skills you will have mastered that will carry you for the rest of your life!

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24/7 LIFETIME ACCESS to The Exclusive WOW-Maker Community!
Made up of fellow highly conscious, caring WOW-Makers (speakers/authors/
coaches/experts) from around the world like YOU, Getting Support, Sharing
of ideas and Resources, Support & Accountability – PRICELESS!

Join for the power of Community, Intention, Purpose and Hands-On LIVE
Group Coaching ONLINE, Masterminding and Accountability so you create
unshakeable success in your speaking in 90 Days!

All with Focus, Ease and FUN!

Combining proven processes from “The GoalGetter” and “The WOW Factor
Speaking” programs that have helped people like you:
  • Get positioned as a leading expert
  • Land a starring roles as a TV Host Expert on FOX, ABC and other networks
  • Get high-end Media bookings
  • Get High-End Clients filling your coaching programs
  • Capture the attention of potential bookers and GET BOOKINGS
  • Close 6 and 7 figure deals,
  • Find your self-worth and confidence,
  • Become effortless, powerful and free in your speaking
  • Finally get the clarity you need on your message
  • Get that essential clarity for your marketing
  • Craft your own branded Signature Talk or Signature Process or Program
  • And create miracles of manifestation in your business and your life.
Clarify and Amplify your VISION for your success. 90 Days from now:

How do you want to feel? What do you want to be doing? and Who do you want to be?

What’s your secret dream? Anchor that in - get crystal clear VISION for your success in the next 90 Days

Integrating the power of Emotional Intelligence for your Success. The degree to which you can master your mindset and motivation for success is the degree to which you become successful. Be a STAND-OUT and be rewarded with excellence, bigger sales, powerhouse presentations, better productivity and increased status and success.
WOW Zone” Process

You’ll be taken through the powerful and profound WOW ZONE Process for how to always tune back into your POWER place, no matter what challenges or situations you face. Wherever you need to show up at your best, this proven process helps you WOW when you need to now, no matter what.
Speaking POWER: Taking on “The
S.P.E.A.K. Formula” (with Hot Seat

Take the S.P.E.A.K. Formula into ACTION - Hot Seats demonstrate the power of how this works for you. When you know how to come to life when you speak, you can ace any interview, close more deals, attract more clients, sell your ideas and communicate better with all those around you.
Speaking POWER: The THREE C’s
(with Hot Seat Coaching)

The THREE C’s of WOWing your presentations and communications gives you the secrets to making WOW impact whenever you’re in front of your clients, an audience, making videos or pitching your ideas.
Igniting Your Influence: How to
Power Pitch Your Business or Ideas
so You are the #1 Choice

Learn the secrets to mastering your Marketing Message so you communicate with clarity, and compel your prospects into the ACTION you want them to take.
Unleash Your WOW Vision NOW!

Giving you context and support for your journey forward now that you have the tools and the Power To WOW to succeed.
#1: “Launch You Now Success” 2 1/2
Hour Deep Dive Training
What You Need To Do To Launch Your
Own Business So You Skyrocket,
While Getting Positioned As The
Leading Expert – $197 VALUE

#2: “WOW Your Speaking,
WOW Your Life” Speaking
Program Series
Be shown game-changing Before and Afters, learn how to have the Power to WOW when you speak – be taken inside Coaching sessions and see what YOU can do to amplify your speaking power so you amplify your results. Value: $497
#3: “5-Step Formula for Effortlessly Effective Copywriting”
from Madison Avenue Copywriter – Know
exactly how to cut through any confusion to help you communicate clearly & persuasively –
$297 VALUE
#4: “The WOWMaker Community
– 24/7 Access”
Made up of fellow WOW-Makers around the world like YOU, Get Support, Sharing of ideas, Resources, Encouragement and Accountability. – $297 VALUE
To LOVE Sales and WOW at it!
This is GOLD! Secrets of Successful Sales through a multiple 7 figure earner - from our only guest, who’s one of our WOWMakers. He’s consistently won awards year after year for his Sales Mastery
(this will help you close deals with potential bookings and, with integrity and the consciousness of service, close more clients to work with you). He WOW’ed our last Mastermind, and seeing as he’s a participant here again this round, I asked him to give you a SESSION here as well.
exercises and processes to help get you clear and focused for the 90 Days and to keep you focused, on target, positive and excited for throughout each
day of the 90 Day Mastermind
#6 SPECIAL BONUS!: ONE-on-ONE Success Session focused fully on you and whatever you need the most laser help on - whether its around crafting or refining your presentation, your speaking delivery, messaging, brand creation, signature process, strategy - whatever can support you to LAUNCH!
  • Replays always available 24/7 within the Private WOW Mastermind Facebook page if you ever have to miss a LIVE session
  • 24/7 access to the Private Facebook Group WOW Mastermind Community – kept active and involved throughout and ongoingly afterwards (lifetime bonds get created in this space!)
  • Game-changing Training and connections
  • The WOW Effect Speaking Process that ensures success - and CUSTOMIZED content and focus for YOU throughout the 90 Days.
Lynn Rose, personally with you by your side the entire 90 Days
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What would it be worth to you to know that in 90 Days you'd have transformed your speaking ability so that you closed more deals, rocked your important presentations, created stellar videos, 
had better connection and conversion with potential clients?

What if in 90 Days you’ll have achieved a speaking goal that you've been wanting but haven’t been able to kick into gear yet 
(and now will have the power to)?

To know you are in a community of support, helping keep you lovingly accountable, focused, getting brainstorming, 
masterminding and hot seat coaching?

And what if it could be FUN, in FLOW and Easy?

The WOW Effect is a phenomenon I observed out of the work we did in The WOW Factor workshops for over a decade working side by side with Billion Dollar CEO's, celebrities, experts to those just starting out that created
phenomenal transformation for all involved.

Once you knew how to manage the walls that come up to hold you back, you become unstoppable – in your speaking, its as if you've been unleashed – in your goals, you flow towards them rather than in constant resistance, and you enjoy the process while reaping the rewards.

People still write to me years later sharing how The WOW Effect impacted their life and continues to (not to mention all the ways 
it impacted their speaking and their results).

Many have gone on to become 6 and 7 figure career speakers.

Many felt like the foot was taken off the brake for them and they went on to create outrageous results they never thought possible before.

Some healed the constant noise in their head and found peace, Some have found deep self-worth after trying their whole life – one who ended up getting her own show on the FOX network.

Relationships were healed, businesses fired up and life became like writing your own script for what YOU want. I have led groups through this process for over a decade and the miracles that come in are astounding.

In just minutes of coaching experts, professionals and those serious about success are transformed in their speaking. Its ASTOUNDING!
Shawn Cox - Commercial Real Estate Broker
Shawn came to Lynn after having spent thousands in studio but coming across flat (as you can see in this ‘BEFORE’ she even (unfortunately for her) looks angry and like she’s pushing business away).

Lynn coached her in studio and brought forth what you see here in the ‘AFTER’.

This was in a matter of one session! Imagine what could be possible with even more time or coaching?

This illustrates the POWER of The WOW Effect - See it here:
David - Entrepreneur Businessman
David took Lynn’s LIVE WOW Factor training (to instill “The WOW Effect” in his speaking - very important if you ever have to pitch yourself or your business and/or if you speak or present as part of your business - especially in making videos)

David had the typical businessman’s paradigm of speaking - which many ‘experts‘ tend to adopt as well. Its the MYTH that thinks that you have to speak very authoritatively and seriously and almost monotone in order to be taken seriously.

People don’t realize that’s what’s going on in their subconscious mind but its a paradigm in business that has been proliferated (including within some Toastmaster cultures as well - the ultra STIFF factor).
In just a matter of minutes and using some tools that Lynn will be giving you and demonstrating, David was able to break out of that mode and come to life, making FAR more impact while engaging the audience so much more and while getting to let his full personality come out and play.

When Lynn worked with Venture Capitolists, Lawyers and Financial professionals on Wall Street, they came up to her BEGGING to take this work to their industry because its SO rampant with this kind of stiffness and seriousness, whereas in contrast, they explicity shared that when someone would come pitch to them, if they could feel their heart and the authentic connection to who that person was, along with their enthusiasm, that was someone they were FAR more likely to choose to work with than with someone who had all their numbers in a row and perfect wording.

David is a great example of the difference in impact this approach makes.

Right out of the workshop (captured during) here is David’s transformation:
DW Starr, Change and
Business Growth Consultant
You can have the slickest video on the planet, but if it doesn’t result in sales, more influence, and positioning you as a top expert, then what’s the point?

On the flip side, you may be BRILLIANT at what you do but you don’t know how to say it nor how to showcase yourself - nor even how to package it or strategically market it so you reach the people you need and so your ideal client gets that YOU are their immediate choice.
Thankfully, Lynn knows what you need to showcase, how to come across and what to strategically say (and HOW to say it) so that you get the results you need and deserve.

DW’s story:

DW Starr for 30 years has been a top million dollar producer at his company. He’s consulted Fortune 500 companies through the years with his expertise around handling change and keeping companies and their teams engaged in the process.

He is brilliant at business but couldn’t figure out how to market himself properly so he had resorted to gimmicks as part of his brand which lessened his credibility and diffused his message.

He also didn’t have proper video representation that demonstrated the power of what he does or position him at the level he wanted to play at.

As you’ll see in this BEFORE, he dressed up as a doctor and called himself ‘Doctor of Change”, even said he was curing “DUMAR disease” which stood for “Downsizing, Underwriting,…” and the rest of the associated letters in the acronym. This left folks confused and certainly not able to remember what he referred to.

Issue? No one took him seriously and his message wasn’t clear.

So we did a major Re-brand – no more “DUMAR”. Now we changed it into the “5 STARR Process” (after his own name and echoing 5 Star - which symbolizes top of your brand and excellence). This was his clear signature process now for step by step how you handle change and how to use it to fuel success rather than limit it. We organized his programs, his offerings, his branded process and created the professional videos to go with that.

Now he has a whole suite of positioning videos that draw traffic, create instant credibility, demonstrate expertise and list-building strategy and has product to sell so he monetizes right away.

He also recently showed just his Calling Card Video (a snippet of which you see here in the AFTER) – this is the main video that messages who he is and what he does – as seen in a sample here).

From that one showing, he was requested to have that video used as an intro for many different Fortune 500 companies around the importance of handling change.

Doors are being flung open for him now for speaking opportunities and consulting – and that’s without his new site even being completed yet.

SAME gentleman, SAME brilliance but NOW it translates and does so for him POWERFULLY.

How you connect, HOW you say what you say, HOW you showcase yourself MATTERS.

This Before and After well demonstrates that:
Ann - “Second Act Coach”
Ann was leaving the corporate world and claiming her own business as a coach. Trained in many different arenas and certifications and ready to claim her own process and business/brand as a coach.

She came with a beautiful heart, a wealth of life-experience and a passion to serve others. She wasn’t very clear on how to communicate how she helps people. She also was not featured well in who she is or what she does so that her BEFORE video (as you’ll see) in sharing about herself was not booking clients (if anything was repelling them, sending them away).

Through Lynn’s coaching utilizing The WOW Effect and positioning her with professional video, she became Media Ready and got positioned for High-End clients, better client conversion and even speaking bookings.
See Ann’s transformation here:
I hope you join with me as we dive in to create YOUR WOW
Miracles in your Speaking and your Business and create an
unstoppable 90 Days together.

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